Ring Floodlight Cam in Canada

Looking for the Ring Floodlight Cam in Canada?  Right here at Aartech Canada!

Ring has launched their new Floodlight Cam, an amazing all in one security product that can be used as a retrofit or new installation.   This is Ring’s adaptation of the tried and true motion activated floodlights we’ve known for years, but upgraded with a camera, remote cloud access and several enhancements.

Ring Floodlight Cam
Ring Floodlight Cam

For starters, a pair of LED floodlights can be set to turn on at dusk, off at dawn, by a custom schedule or when motion is detected.  The motion detection area for the floodlights is 270 degrees, great for corner mounted floodlights.  Using the free Ring app, the lights can also be turned on any time by a smart phone, or can be made to flash to scare away an intruder.

A built in 110dB siren can also be triggered remotely via the user’s smart phone, which should help dirty the underwear of many a criminal.   Of course no-one would use this to prank a friend right?  Right.  Sounds like fun!

Ring is known for their security cameras, and this is no exception.  The Floodlight Cam features a high definition camera with 1080p resolution and its own smart motion sensor.   When motion is detected, a push alert is sent to the user(s) smart phones and they can view live video, listen-in and even talk back through the camera in case someone is introducing on the property.  The camera works great and when combined with the floodlights turning on, amazing quality video can be captured.  The camera also features night vision so it works in no light situations as well.

The Ring app allows the user to set the motion detection area to reduce false alarms.  Plus it also features object detection and facial detection, making it much smarter than most cameras – push alerts can be set to trigger based on facial recognition for example.

The Ring Floodlight Cam can be used on it’s own, with multiple floodlights, or in combination with the Ring Doorbell and/or Ring Stick Up Cam for all around coverage and security.

Live viewing of video is always free, with optional cloud recording available for a reasonable cost for one or multiple cams.

Keep in mind this is a hardwired device, that would mount like any floodlight to a junction box with 110V (or 240V) power.   As a retrofit it’s perfect.  For a new installation you may need to hire an electrician to run some wires to the floodlight location if they don’t already exist.

Ring Floodlight Cam in White:
Ring Floodlight Cam in Black:

Aartech stands apart from most sellers by offering local Canadian pre-sale support as well as after sale service.

Wholesale customers and professional installers, please visit www.aartechpro.ca for more information on our dealer programs.

Dragon Tech Zwave Switches Now Branded Zwave Products

Good news!  Dragon Tech Zwave wall switches and dimmers are back in stock, now under the Zwaveproducts brand.  Zwaveproducts has taken over the Dragon Tech brand for North America.


Dragon Tech Zwave wall dimmers and switches have been very popular with their low price point and Zwave plus features including 2 way status feedback.  In fact their popularity has made them difficult to keep in stock.

Regardless of the name, they’re a great deal and we picked up lots of stock but it will most likely sell quickly so grab them while they’re hot!

SmartThings Integration Ring Video Doorbell

Integrate SmartThings with the Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Doorbell Pro to create automation events when Ring’s motion sensor is activated or someone presses Ring’s doorbell button.  As an example you can turn on a light or lights automatically when someone approaches your front door.  Let’s talk about SmartThings integration with Ring Video Doorbell.

SmartThings with Ring
SmartThings with Ring

SmartThings is a powerful and cost effective home automation hub that supports Zwave, Zigbee and many IP devices for monitoring, control and scheduling.

The Ring Doorbell and Ring Pro enhance convenience and security by letting you answer the door from inside the house or across the world using your smart phone or tablet over the Internet.  You can also get push notifications automatically when someone approaches.

While it’s a great intercom & security product on its own, until somewhat recently Ring did not offer much in the way of integration. But Ring has been working with other manufacturers to tie their doorbell in to other systems.

Now SmartThings and Ring can be combined!  How does it work?  The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Set up your Ring account and Ring Doorbell
  2. In the SmartThings app, go to Marketplace and under Things tap Doorbells
  3. Find your Ring device and hit connect now
  4. Enter your Ring details & authorize the connection

SmartThings Marketplace Things

Then to add some smarts:

  1. In the SmartThings app, go to Marketplace and find SmartApps
  2. Tape Lights & Switches and install ‘Smart Lights’
  3. Select the new smart app and follow the directions

SmartThings Marketplace Smartapps

In following with the keep it simple tradition for both Ring and Smartthings, it’s that easy to set up some integration between devices.   Now you can go have some fun!

For more information see this article at SmartThings:

SmartThings Hub Now In Stock in Canada

We have great news for those of you looking for SmartThings in Canada!  The SmartThings Hub is now available at Aartech Canada in a sweet little bundle with a Leviton Zwave Plus wall dimmer and Zwave Plus wall switch.  Finally Canadian customers have the option to support their country and buy in Canada, saving the hassle of duties, brokerage costs and high exchange rates.  Not only that but in case of a problem, warranty is handled in Canada.

The new SmartThings V2 Hub is impressive with built in support for ZWave and Zigbee devices, not to mention IP and WiFi devices as well.  Leviton’s brand new Zwave Plus dimmers and wall switches offer extended range and instant status updates to the hub when operated locally in the room.  This way the Hub always knows the current state. The styling has also changed to a more standard Decora look and feel with true rocker action – tap the top for on, hold for brighten, tape the bottom for off, hold for dimming (bright/dim on dimmer versions only of course)

Check out the SmartThings kit here: https://www.aartech.ca/smartthings-hub-v2-kit


SmartThings set up is quite simple, relying on the iOs or Android app to get up and running as well as adding new ‘things’, creating scenes, timed events and so on.

A ‘thing’ is any new device like a wall switch, dimmer, sensor or other module you’d like to control or monitor.  A scene is a group of devices that you’d like to operate together.  Create events like ‘Bed time’ to automatically turn off the lights, lock the door and whatever else you can dream up.

In addition to supporting a multitude of Zwave and Zigbee devices, SmartThings plays nice with other products like Bose, Honeywell, Alexa, Google Home, Ring, Arlo, Philips Hue, Econet vents, Yale and Weiser (Kwikset).

Support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home will allow users to control their ‘things’ by voice as well as the standard iOs and Android apps for even more convenience.  We’re hoping both Amazon and Google bring these devices to Canada this year.

As always we’re proudly Canadian and looking forward to serving  you!



HomeKit Automation, Apple HomeKit Products in Canada

When Apple first announced HomeKit, iOs users were excited and many brands scrambled to throw their hats in the ring to show their interest.  HomeKit promised to make access to home automation products easier for Apple users as well as offering Siri support.  Unfortunately what started out with much hype, had little real product support.

However the past 6 months have seen many new HomeKit compatible devices come to fruition and there are more on the way.

Check out some of the HomeKit enabled products from Aartech here:


Apple home automation fans can now create simple home automation in their homes by adding light switches from iDevices and Leviton.  Thermostats are available from Honeywell and iDevices.  Fibaro has also just launched their new Bluetooth enabled HomeKit compatible Flood Sensor, Motion Sensor and magnetic Open/Close sensor (for doors, windows, cupboards, etc).

The experience varies from brand to brand to some degree but each has its own iOs app and also will work with the baked in support found in iOs 10.2 and higher.

iDevices products with their WiFi connectivity and cloud magic, can actually work with both iOs and Android devices both in the home and even remotely using their app, without a home automation hub or Apple TV.

Likewise, Honeywell WiFi Lyric thermostats can use the free Totalconnect apps and cloud service for remote access without having to use an Apple TV or HomeKit apps.

So now the Apple household can now ask Siri to tell them the temperature in a particular room, turn up the heat, turn on the lights and lock the doors – all without an automation hub.   That being said, adding a new (most current) Apple TV can enable remote access and alerts when away from home.

New Insteon Motion Sensor II

Insteon has launched a new motion sensor, called the ‘Insteon Motion Sensor II’.  After several requests we’ve put it up on on our site in order to start booking pre-orders but please note ETA is mid to end of February.  Of course this may change.  The new motion sensor is much smaller and has a great new design.  It can be corner mounted or wall mounted with a flexible mount to help aim it.  Or it can be placed on a desk, shelf or table top.   https://www.aartech.ca/insteon-2844-222-motion-sensor.html

2844-222 Insteon Motion Sensor II
2844-222 Insteon Motion Sensor II

Insteon is working on adding support to their Hub app, which is expected shortly.  Universal Devices has basic support in current versions of the ISY994 but they are tweaking a few things during pre-launch.  Knowing their great team, it will be supported on or near ship date.

Orders placed during this pre-order phase will be shipped ASAP (from Canada of course), once product starts flowing.

August Announces 6 Months Free Cloud Recording Promo

Effective Nov 15th August has announced that existing and new users that activate their Doorbell Cam by Dec 31 2016 will receive 6 months of Cloud recording service for free.  Other enhancements announced earlier this year include the ability to watch live video any time from the iOs or Android apps.  The Cloud recording service saves video clips for up to 30 days to view past events.  After the 6 month free trial, the Cloud recording service is USD$4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

iDevices WiFi and HomeKit Devices

Let iDevices make your home smarter with its WiFi thermostat, plug-in modules and screw-in bulb socket.  iDevices connects to your WiFi network and uses your iOs device and their free app to set up and control everything.  No Internet hub or gateway is required!  The line is HomeKit enabled so you can talk to Siri to control your home, and they also work with Alexa for those of you who have Alexa at home.

They look great, and they store scheduling in the device itself so you can set up scenes and on/off schedules without any Internet Hub, and they’ll run even if the net is down.

Built in LED multi coloured night lights in many of the modules can be used to set a mood, provide some visibility or just look cool.

You can access them locally or via an Internet connection and some of them even report back energy usage so you can watch for energy hogs.

Check out iDevices:  https://www.aartech.ca/idevices.html

Stock is expected by Nov 10th.

Security of Routers, IP Cameras, NVRs and IoT Devices

When it comes to setting up a home network or automation system, we often talk more about features and functions, than security.  But security should be at the top of everyone’s list as more and more devices are being made available to the Internet.  The ‘edge’ of your home’s network and therefore your home’s network security is your router.   If you’re using the free router from your ISP with default passwords and remote access enabled, you may be surprised how open your network can be to outside hackers.  You may want to consider getting an entry level business class router or security device.  Not only will it provide better security but with a little homework you’ll get a device with much better Internet throughput as well!

When it comes to routers, automation controllers, IP cameras, recorders and other potentially Internet connected devices, the first thing you should do as part of the installation process is to change the default username and password to something complex and unique.  Stop using the default password or same password everywhere.  You know, the one that has your kid’s name in it?  Or your cat?  Use something strong or you’re asking for trouble.

The next step in securing your network and iOT (Internet of Things) devices, is to make sure you’re running the most current firmware.  Firmware is the on board code that makes these things tick and if it’s running old, buggy code, it’s a security problem.  You should check your firmware versions at installation time and on an ongoing basis, especially if these devices are Internet connected in any way.   Most manufacturers make firmware updates available to their customers directly and some make it an automatic process, but most don’t so it’s up to you to maintain them.

One more consideration is to disable or turn off any features or services you don’t need.   By turning off features, you tend to lower the number of ‘doors’ these devices leave open, which lowers your overall footprint and makes you less of a target.  You should also turn off remote management of your router because in most cases you’ll only need to access the management interface from inside your home, and that shuts a major door that has been used to compromise router security and even turn the router in to a ‘bad bot’ that attacks others, or looks to steal your information.

With some extra care, research and knowledge you can enjoy the benefits of a great home network, home automation system and security cameras while staying safe.  These devices really can enhance our lives but just like it’s important to change your locks when you buy a house and keep the oil in your vehicle changed regularly, security needs to be a consideration in our Internet connected lives.

Zipato Zipatile Security and Automation System with Zwave and Zigbee

We just received our shipment of the new Zipato Zipatile all-in-one touch screen home automation and security system.  Features include a built in high-definition security camera, plus a motion sensor, light sensor, humidity sensor, shock sensor and temperature sensor. The motion sensor and camera provide out of the box security system functionality that can be armed, disarmed and self monitored remotely over an Internet connection.   Users can check in on the built-in camera any time to make sure everything is okay.

Zipatile is so much more than a basic system however, with on board interfaces for Zwave and Zwave Plus, Zigbee HA and Bluetooth devices.  Plus it supports WIFI and IP devices like Sonos and NEST thermostats.  Users can add Zwave or Zigbee door, window and motion sensors to add additional security zones to the system and these sensors can also double as automation triggers to turn on lights or run programs when a sensor is tripped.

Sensors can also be used to set up a Eldercare monitoring system that looks for motion or lack of motion or sensor activity.  Family can be alerted by email or SMS in case of a problem.

The on board temperature sensor and support for Zwave or NEST thermostats allow for heating and cooling integration.  Add a Zwave door lock and you’ll be able to remotely check the lock status, lock and unlock the door from anywhere and get an alert when family comes home or if someone tries to tamper with the lock.

Zipatile runs Android under the hood and can be wall mounted or used on a desktop.  Multiple Zipatile units can be used to add room to room intercom functionality and support for DoorBird is underway for a front door Intercom solution.  Note that using multiple units is called clustering and requires each Zipatile to be upgraded to Pro for USD$99 one time via the Zipatile user portal.

Zipatile is available in BLACK and WHITE versions and promises to be a great solution for home security and automation in one sleek looking display!