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Security of Routers, IP Cameras, NVRs and IoT Devices

When it comes to setting up a home network or automation system, we often talk more about features and functions, than security.  But security should be at the top of everyone's list as more and more devices are being made available to the Internet.  The 'edge' of your home's network and therefore your home's network security is your router.   If you're using the free router from your ISP with... Read More

Zipato Zipatile Security and Automation System with Zwave and Zigbee

We just received our shipment of the new Zipato Zipatile all-in-one touch screen home automation and security system.  Features include a built in high-definition security camera, plus a motion sensor, light sensor, humidity sensor, shock sensor and temperature sensor. The motion sensor and camera provide out of the box security system functionality that can be armed, disarmed and self... Read More

Remote Reboot, Remote Power Control, Automatic Reboot

Routers can hang, computers can crash, servers can blue screen and digital signage can glitch.  At home this is a pain but in business these problems are critical and if no-one is close by, how long does it take to get a tech on site?  Dataprobe's iBoot Internet web remote power switch takes care of this problem by allowing the user or tech to remotely control power or initiate a hard power... Read More

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