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When you walk up to a home, one of the details that tend to catch your eye is the front door and door hardware. People spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful door with trendy locks and levers, so for today's smart home, a Smart Lock can be one of the key elements providing both function and curb appeal.

WiFi Smart Locks             ZWave Smart Locks  


Smart locks give the homeowner the ability to do away with keys by providing a user PIN code to family, friends, workers or health care providers. A connected smart lock can also let the homeowner lock or unlock the door remotely, check on the lock status from anywhere in the world, and get alerts when someone unlocks the door or tries to tamper with it. A smart home app can also be used to lock and unlock the door or receive alerts. Connected smart locks are also popular for Airbnb rentals and remote homes.

Connected locks are available in many shapes and styles but from a technology perspective, the two most popular mainstream technologies are WiFi and ZWave smart locks. These are followed closely by Zigbee or HomeKit connected smart locks.

ZWave Smart Locks work with a ZWave enabled alarm system or smart home hub, while WiFi Smart Locks connect to the home's WiFi network.  

When used as part of the larger smart home ecosystem, a smart deadbolt lock can also trigger events.  For example, lights can automatically turn on or a welcome home routine can trigger when the door is unlocked. 

A smart lock can help secure the home by automatically locking at set times of the day or shortly after the door is unlocked.

Some smart deadbolts like the Weiser Halo Touch can use a fingerprint to unlock the door instead of a user code.

Key Features of Connected Smart Locks

  • Stop using keys and use a PIN or your Finger to unlock
  • Check lock status from anywhere on your smartphone
  • Lock or unlock from anywhere
  • Receive notifications when children, family or anyone else unlocks the door
  • Integrate with smart home or alarm systems widget logo