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COS2010 and SA360



The American Sensors COS2010, SA360 and SA379 detectors have been incredibly popular models installed by builders for years and if you're on this page you probably have a SA360 or COS2010 that has failed, is beeping or is overdue to be replaced. SA360 and COS2010 have been discontinued however replacements are available as noted below.  

The most common model COS2010 smoke and CO detector looks like this:



COS2010 is replaced by the BRK SC9120BA (see it here)


SA360. 670L, 330L is replaced by the BRK 9120BA (see it here)

SA379, 670LBX is replaced by the BRK 9120BA (see it here)

These new models are cross listed and fully compatible (click to see document) when used with existing American Sensors installations, and they can be interconnected with them so when one goes off they will all sound just like your old SA360, SA379 or COS2010 did.

The new models ship with new mounting brackets (replace by removing 2 screws), and new wiring harnesses (replace by unscrewing the wiring connectors and replacing with the new harness while observing wiring colours. You will need to use the new brackets and harness as the old ones won't fit.

As a side note, if you're replacing your old smoke and CO detectors it's most likely that ALL of your smoke and CO detectors are old and no longer effective, so they should ALL be replaced at the same time.  Your life is worth a lot more than the cost of the detectors and you'll save on shipping if you buy multiple units.

The video below shows how to replace a COS2010 with one of the newer versions.  As always if you are not comfortable please hire an experienced contractor to do the work. widget logo