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Replace ESA5011

American Sensors ESA5011 Replacement


If you've arrived at this page you likely have an ESA5011 smoke detector that is beeping or needs replacement as it's past its recommended service life.  The ESA5011 has been discontinued by American Sensors but don't fear as there are options available for replacement.

The ESA5011 was an ionization smoke detector with a built in relay.  The relay was used to connect to fire, alarm or automation systems, lights, door closers, fans, other other auxiliary devices.

If you aren't connecting the relay to anything and the relay isn't required, then you can replace it with a 9120BA smoke detector which does not have a built-in relay.

To replace the ESA5011 relay function with current model smoke detectors, use a 9120BA  smoke detector and add an RM4 relay module.  The RM4 connects to the 9120 smoke detector "interconnect" wiring and triggers when the detector goes in to alarm, just like the internal ESA5011 relay did.   The only difference is that the relay is external.  The RM4 is a CSA listed "form C" relay providing both normally open and normall closed isolated outputs.  It's specifically designed to work alongside these smoke detectors.

The 9120A and 9120BA are designed to be interconnected with multiple American Sensors or BRK smoke detectors just like the ESA5011 version. 

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