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Smart Home Wiring Guide

Today's homeowners are realizing the benefit of having the right wires in the wall to support smart home technologies including automated lighting, security, whole house audio, video distribution and high speed networking.

The cost of wiring the smart home is neglible compared to the home's overall cost and as the nerve center of the smart home it's vitally important for maximum functionality and enjoyment. Wireless and WIFI networking is great but not a substitute for a good structured wiring installation when you consider the demand placed on the infrastructure by high definition video streaming, music streaming, online gaming, file sharing and downloading.

Whether renovating or building a new home, take advantage of the opportunity while walls are open, to create a structured wiring plan that will support the family's needs for today and in to the future.

Check out our Smart Home Wiring Guide for some ideas and guidance.  As usual, we highly recommend working with a professional installer with smart home experience and be sure to follow safety and building codes. widget logo